Tagging time

The rules:
1. Each person must post 11 random facts about themselves
2. Answer 11 questions the tagger has given you and give 11 questions for the people you tagged
3. Choose 11 people and link them in your post
4. Tell them you've tagged them. Remember, no tag backs!

 My Facts

1. I can drink milk or eat yoghurt but drinking soybean milk cause me stomache ache. Quite funny because I'm asian and it should be the other way.
2. I wanted a koi tattoo on my ankle.
3. I like sour sweets more than the ordinary sweet ones.
4. I hate cold winters and specially snow.
5. I 'm not on FB.
6. I hate to phone for official occasions like calling the office or agency.
7. I'm able to eat many unusual stuff like hearts and the kinds.
8. I'm speaking to fast.
9. Being on ships or traveling on water makes me feel queasy. (Not seasick, just a feeling of insecurity.)
10. In the past my hair was long enough to reach my back.
11. Until kindergarten I couldn't speak german.

My answers to Julie

1. What was your favourite dish when you were a child?
Oh my... smashed potatoes. xD
With a lot of butter in it.

2. What language would you like to learn?
Well... I'm not a genius in languages in general, but it should be my own mother tongue. I'm not so good in it.

3. In which city would you like to live?
Well in a city in Germany, near my family. I prefer bigger cities like cologne or düsseldorf. 

4. Which book are you reading at the moment?
At the moment none, but I recently finished Tintenherz. It was quite boring, I thought it would be less a story for children.

5. What is the biggest object in your bag?
My purse, it could be called a clutch. xD

6. What's your favourite cosmetics brand?
 If I choose by quantity in my sortiment, it should be Manhattan.

7. What do you usually do during the commercial break when you are watching TV?
Zapping or talk with somebody or fetch something. 

8. If you had a son, what name would you give him?
It's too far in the future, so I didn't thought about this until now. I'm not sure if I want to keep our tradition and use names in my mother language or to mix it with german ones.

9. What is your favorite nail polish colour?
In the past it was only black, nowadays I add different shapes of red in my nail polish rotation.

10. Do you wear slipper at home?
 I do.

11. How do you like your coffee?
 I'm not a coffee drinker, but if I have to choose it would be a Latte Macchiatto.

My questions:
  1. Do you have a fandom?
  2. Is there anything in the past you would never do again?
  3. Who is your favorite blogger right now and why?
  4. What do you usually eat for breakfast?
  5. What kind of shoes you like?
  6. What was your biggest dream in your childhood?
  7. Do you have a pet? If no, why not?
  8. What is your favorite clothing in your wardrobe?
  9. What do you think about Bubble Tea?
  10. Heart - Sword - Book. Choose wisely and tell us why.
  11. Do you like those kinds of tagging questions?
Wow, I past 90 Follower-limit right now! (Thank you all!)
So I randomly pick 11 Blogger from my List. Have fun!
Ms Bella

2 Kommentare:

Lady Lockenlicht hat gesagt…

Das ist ja lustig, ich wusste gar nicht dass du Deutsch erst "so spät" gelernt hast ^^ Und ich fand Tintenherz übrigens auch langweilig. Danke fürs Beantworten!

Ms Bella hat gesagt…

Danke schön. Ich hab den Tag auch jetzt beantwortet. :)

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